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I believe the City’s top priorities are Public Safety and Infrastructure. 


We need to continue our efforts to reduce violent crime, but public safety is also about making streets safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders. 


Our physical infrastructure is 150-200 years old in some places and has suffered from deferred maintenance for decades.  We must continue to address that and to add new capacities for things like storm water management not only to fix today’s issues, but to anticipate tomorrow’s problems that will be made worse by sea level rise. 


All these things cost money and it will be essential to have a City Council capable of managing budgets where expenses are growing faster than revenues.

»    We will continue efforts to reduce crime through both policing efforts and other long-range community efforts such as diversionary programming like The Front Porch.


»    I will advocate for safe streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users.


»    I will support common sense growth management with an emphasis on improving the city’s infrastructure.


»    Long-ignored repair and replacement of storm facilities must be prioritized.


»    I will continue to encourage improvements to existing and in-progress tourism management programs and ordinances that will prioritize residents by supporting stronger city management of races, film-making and festivals.


»    Will push to increase fees for use of public spaces by private, for-profit entities to reduce the volume of such activities and encourage organizers to utilize areas of the city outside of the historic neighborhood areas.


»    I will work with city staff to find realistic solutions for enforcement of existing ordinances.


»    In regards to housing and transportation, implementing affordable, workforce housing is a key priority in tandem with a comprehensive transit system that serves a larger portion of the population.


»    All of these things cost money and it will be essential to have a City Council capable of managing budgets where expenses are growing faster than revenues.


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Durrence Complaint and timeline - Nov 1
Durrence Complaint and timeline - Nov 1



Mr. Leggett's failure to understand the way municipal and state laws work render this "ad" as a baseless and desperate measure to discredit Durrence.

Mr. Leggett's lack of understanding and attention to detail is woefully obvious.

The website "" that is printed on all of Leggett's campaign material and advertising does not work.

Unfaithfulness? Shenanigans?
Alderman Durrence did not respond to these baseless and slanderous accusations made by Leggett. Durrence chose to take the high road and let his accomplishments speak for themselves.

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Leggett has claimed to work closely with the Savannah Police Department throughout his campaign, yet uses his social media channels to complain and insult rather than reaching out to the SPD.


Leggett's largest contributors are the Tourism Leadership Council and the Savannah Area Business PAC (Chamber of Commerce)…so his claims that Durrence is "bought" by these organizations are false.

Just the Facts

The Committee to Elect Bill Durrence recognizes the importance of being transparent and also that the media may not be able to cover every situation and story. It is important that Second District voters know the facts and can view real information and documents for themselves. 

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