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And so it begins…

My view from the stage at the Inauguration

And so, it begins. After the Inauguration entertainment and the swearing of the council members and the new Mayor, our new Mayor, Eddie Deloach, made his first speech as the leader of this city, my hometown. I'm generally an informal, casual sort of person; some would go so far as to say anti-establishment, but I only concede to contrarian. I think it's important to challenge the status quo, even if it turns out to be correct, just to be sure. But last night also reminded me of the importance of rituals in our society. As I sat on stage observing the event (I'm a 50 year photographer and so by training and inclination, an observer) I came to a greater appreciation of the gravity of my new position, and the responsibility I have to the people of Savannah's 2nd District in particular and the whole of the city generally.

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