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Moon River Memories

Tuesday night was the Inauguration ceremony and festivities for the new Savannah City Council, including me as the new 2nd District Alderman. I was doing a lot of reflecting and remembering as I sat on stage during the event and then a young woman came on stage as part of the entertainment and sang "Moon River." It was a poignant moment for me because many years ago (in the 70's), at the opening ceremonies for the then brand new Civic Center, I met Johnny Mercer backstage at this theater where I was now on stage. I was working with the committee (including former Mayor Floyd Adams) tasked with staging the opening events and was photographing various aspects of the evening. He asked me to spend the next day with him and photograph him as he visited Bethesda and his old home place on Burnside Island, a place situated then on Back River, now renamed Moon River.

He was such a gracious man, agreeing to stop by my parents home that next morning to say hello and sign a program for them.

Johnny Mercer

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