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City of Savannah produces water meter reading video for customers

To help customers better understand and monitor their water consumption, the City of Savannah has created an instructional video which explains how to read a water meter and verify its accuracy. The video is available online at

“We want to encourage our customers to read their meters on a regular basis and compare it with their bills and water usage,” said Nicole Brantley, City of Savannah Utility Bill Administrator.

The City hopes customers will watch this short video and take steps to monitor their meter and water consumption. Customers can access the video anytime on the City of Savannah’s website ( or on Facebook ( It will also be shown at regular intervals on Savannah Government Television (Comcast channel 8).

The City also has additional helpful information for water customers on its website. Visit to access information on How to Read Your Utility Bill and How to Perform a Home Water Audit.

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