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East Savannah Legacy Project

On March 1-5, 2018, the Congress for the New Urbanism will host two teams of national urban design experts to lead public design workshops in two locations in the city, acting in partnership with local leaders and advocates for East Savannah and Southside. Each Legacy Project culminates in an intensive, three-day workshop on site to explore opportunities, identify crucial roadblocks, engage residents and local stakeholders to share their vision for future growth and help generate top-of-the-line design and placemaking strategies. The East Savannah and Southside Legacy Projects were chosen by CNU based on their need, community support, and readiness to implement.

The East Savannah Legacy Project will be a publicly engaged design charrette to explore the Waters Avenue corridor and discuss efforts to make the neighborhood a Purpose-Built Community. Special areas of focus include transportation connectivity, housing, creation of an economic development district, and services. WHERE: ​

WW Law Center, 909 East Bolton Street, Savannah WHEN: ​

Drop in March 2-5

9:00 AM-5:00 PM ​​

March 5 at 6:00 PM community presentation At the end of each workshop, project representatives will discuss how the community’s visions and goals will translate into recommendations, goals, and results moving forward. CNU will publish the findings and distribute them at the Congress in May. This is an opportunity for residents to create development strategies with world class urban designers tailored to be submitted and acted upon by regional governments. CNU encourages both stakeholders, residents, advocates and city leaders to contribute to this workshop.

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