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Fire Fee Discount Program

The City of Savannah assesses property owners a Fire Fee that is dedicated solely to funding the cost of providing fire protection services. The fee provides the resources necessary for Savannah Fire to deliver services to residents, businesses, institutional, and government facilities.

A Fire Fee is a financing option that provides an equitable, stable, and dedicated revenue source for fire services. In Georgia, fire fees are similar to those charged for water, sewer, or sanitation in that all these services are funded through user fees.


Questions? Email or call 912-525-2810



How much will customers be charged per billing unit? The fire services fee rate is an annually adopted rate, which is dependent on the Savannah Fire Rescue budget. The determined for the FY 2018 budget is $256.00 per ERU.

I am a renter, how does this fee impact me? This fee will be charged to the owners of the property on their City property tax bill. Renters will not be charged a fire fee by the City of Savannah.

Is there any way to reduce my fire fee? Yes, both residential and non-residential customers may be eligible for discounts on the fire fee charge by following the procedures or participation in the following programs outlined in the City's Fire Discount Policy Manual. The manual is available at the following link: The discounts are based on specific activities that the customer undertakes with regard to their property to reduce their fire risk. Through operation of the discount program, the Savannah Fire rescue hopes to encourage behaviors that support their ongoing Community Fire Risk Reduction initiatives and reducing risk to life and property for residents in Savannah.

You may also qualify for hardship assistance through a program that is still under development by the City of Savannah. Please continue to check for more information on this program at the following site

What will be the billing frequency and the billing mechanism? The fire fee charge will be billed annually on the customer’s City ad valorem property tax bill, beginning in September 2018. If you do not currently receive a property tax bill from the City, you will receive a fire services bill beginning in September 2018.

How can I find out more information about my property? The City of Savannah has established a phone number dedicating to addressing fire fee related inquiries. The phone number is (912) 525-2810. Customer service staff are prepared to answer questions about the fire fee and have a tool that can be used to look up fee estimates for properties throughout the City. Additional information about the fire fee can be found on the City’s website at

What happens if I buy my house in the middle of the year; who is responsible for paying the fire fee? The fire fee is billed prospectively in September for the following year; January to December. Therefore, the owner of the property on the first day of January after the fire fee has been charged, is responsible for paying the fee for that upcoming calendar year.

Can I pay my fire fee in installments? The fire fee can be paid in two installments in accordance with the two City property tax billings delivered each year. The first installment can be paid in association with the March City property tax billing, which will be applied to the account. The remainder of the fire fee owed can then be paid with in association with the September Property Tax billing.

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