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Green space, enhancements proposed for city neighborhoods

The design team looked at Eastside with a fresh set of eyes, offered new ideas, and “told me the things in a way I didn't think about before,” says Alderman Bill Durrence, who represents the area. “When you look at something for a long time, you are blind to a lot of it. Yet things are constantly changing. The real issue is how you manage the change for the benefit of the community.”

The Eastside project could have real impact. Recommendations from the event in early March were included in a proposed downtown plan called Savannah 2033. Public hearings for Savannah 2033, which has garnered interest from a majority of City Council members, are likely to begin in the summer.

The goal of the Eastside project is to “promote public and private partnership, increase housing, enhance neighborhoods, create safer walkable streets, build parks, and offer incentives to businesses that wish to locate or expand operations in the neighborhood,” says architect and urban designer Dhiru Thadani, who led the consultant team.


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