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The Role of Transit in an Evolving Mobility Landscape

Last week I attended the APTA (American Public Transportation Association) national conference representing Chatham Area Transit. It was one of the best conferences I've ever attended, and I've been going to national conventions of different sorts for 30 years.

Public transportation is at a crossroads right now and just beginning to look at what shape the future might have. It certainly seems to be moving in the direction that transit agencies could be more than just bus systems, but also the connection between, and coordinators of, First Mile/Last Mile solutions such as TNCs (Uber, Lyft, Waymo), AVs (autonomous vehicles), and micro-transit (bicycles, scooter, etc.)

The final General Session breakfast had Robin Chase for the speaker. She was a cofounder and CEO of Zipcar and her presentation really pulled all the different pieces together. She was supposed to be at the meeting, but had flight delays so did the speech by teleconference. You can view her insightful presentation below or click here:

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