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It is up to you to stay informed

Savannah is in a substantial and accelerating growth curve. Much of that is positive for the community at large, but some things will have a deleterious effect on neighborhoods.

There are always going to be smart, clever developers who will find ways to exploit loopholes, like using two inns to circumvent the hotel restrictions, (and there will always be loopholes; no book of ordinances will ever be bulletproof), so it is necessary for neighbors to be ever vigilant to protect their neighborhood. They must stay informed, educated to the rules, and engage early in any action proposed. Yes, it is a burden, but there is only one alternative--unwanted changes happen.

Without an engaged citizenry, elected officials and City of Savannah staff cannot anticipate every assault on community. It's up to you to stay informed.

Here are some ways you can stay informed about potential threats to your neighborhood:

  • Engage with your neighborhood association.

  • Subscribe to your neighborhood association email or text list or a social media platform such as Nextdoor.

  • Subscribe to City of Savannah emails: Click here for list

  • Review meeting Agendas for Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic Review Board, Metropolitan Planning Commission and many others. Click here for list

  • City Council Agenda: Click here

  • Keep an eye out for posted COA signs on homes or commercial buildings in your neighborhood indicating a potential zoning change or possible renovation. This sign signals your opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

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