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Events to impact downtown area April 26-27, 2019

This weekend, multiple events will take place throughout the City, with the greatest impact in Ardsley Park/Chatham Crescent and Downtown. Each of the permitted events are annual and typically will fall on our about the same weekend.

  • The Komen Run coincides with Sidewalk Arts only because the run changed its weekend to avoid interfering with the Easter weekend.

  • Next year this run transforms into a walk, meaning this will be their last 5k.

  • Notifications have been completed.

  • (Discussed at the permit review meetings)

  • Sidewalk Arts remains the same, however, SCAD is hosting a street closure on Friday Evening on Bull St. in front of Peotter Hall for their 40th Anniversary.

  • This is a community event open to the public.

  • (Discussed at permit review meetings)

  • The Walk for Babies takes place in Ardsley / Parkside.

  • It minimizes the use of Washington Ave, a change that was made purposely some years back.

  • Last year we received complaints due to runners moving ahead of the police “bubble.” Those runners were NOT a part of the walk. This year announcements will be made prior to the start pertaining to safety and the need to stay within the police protected “bubble” around the walkers.

  • Notifications have been completed.

  • (Discussed at the permit review meetings)

  • The Farmers Market relocates to street closure on Bull St. Between Park Ave and Duffy St.

  • This happens annually when Sidewalk Arts occurs.

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